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"HUGE SALE" Medical Grade P2/N95 Face Masks

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  • Disposable P2/N95 Face Masks Available in  5 and 10 Packs
  • Posted daily from QLD

Discounted Pack Pricing:

  • 5 x KN95 Mask $10.95 
  • 10 x KN95 Masks $20.00

Shipping Rates for KN95 Masks

  • 5 Masks $4.50
  • 10 to 100 Masks $ 9.30

 Why use a P2/N95 face mask? 

  • Disposable P2/N95 face masks (also known as P2/N95 respirators) are able to filter out very fine particles from the air when worn correctly. They help reduce exposure to bushfire smoke / poor air quality and associated health effects.

  • Please see Information on the benefits of N95 face masks issues by Australian Health here: